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Fourth Grade Teachers

Katherine Day   Room # 13   

Branch Brewster Room # 15

Fourth/Fifth Grade

Jillian Cadoo Room # 14

Jan Baron        Room # 14

Fourth Grade

Helping Your Child at Home

Read aloud to your child.

Have your child read to you.

Do shared reading. You read a sentence. Your child reads a sentence.

While in the car have your child read signs.

At the store, have your child read labels.

Go to the library and check out books.

Encourage your child to read the newspaper.  Discuss articles together.

Read magazines together.

View T.V. programs together.  Ask questions about the viewing.

Create flash cards for your child’s particular needs, vocabulary, math facts.

Have your child follow a recipe, measure ingredients, prepare a dish.

Encourage your child to write stories and poems.

Ask your child what they learned in school.

Have your child share their writing.  Celebrate their work.

Classroom Rules

Code of conduct


The following is a list of behavioral expectations for 4th grade students. The students will be held accountable for their actions.


1. I will be polite at all times.

2. I will work quietly and not disturb others.

3. I will listen courteously when others are talking.

4. I will be friendly to fellow classmates.

5. I will be truthful and honest.

6. I will respect my teacher and other adults.

7. I will be prepared for class everyday.

8. I will arrive to class on time.

9. I will cooperate with others.

10. I will always do my best.


Infractions of rules will not be tolerated.

1st infraction          Oral Warning

2nd infraction         Name on board

3rd infraction          Loss of recess, (written apology)                             

4th infraction          (lunch detention)

5th infraction          Phone home

6th infraction          Meeting with parent


In extreme cases sent to Principal.

Common Core Standards

We are sharing the student friendly version "I Can" Common Core Standards, feel free to download them.

Hemos compartido los estándares comunes para su estudiante, puede bajarlos.


Common Core "I Can"

4th Grade Supply List

4th Grade Supplies needed:



Hand Sanitizer

Clorox Wipes

Pencils (lead for lead pencils)


Tape invisible/ masking

Colored Pencils

Felt Tip Markers( Large/Small)


Pens (blue, black, red, purple, green)




Any other donations would be appreciated.