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Joan Tarle

Holiday Help

Hi Room 1 Families,


Holiday helpers needed: 1 elf needed to help prepare Holiday Stockings.


Supplies needed: (for 21 students)

21 candy canes,

stocking stuffers (Oriental Trading Co. is good for this), big bag of plain M&Ms,

bag of mini marshmallows,

1 gallon chocolate milk,

21 hot drink paper cups,

holiday napkins,

holiday plates,

2 cans of vanilla frosting.

Please sign up in room 1 if you want to help or bring anything. That way we will not have 200 candy canes and no frosting, etc. J


Thank you,

Ms. Tarle


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Donations Happily Accepted!


Dry Erase Markers**

Glue Sticks**

Kleenex tissues**

Sidewalk chalk**

Rubber balls, soccer, basketball, football, playground balls, etc.**

Jump Ropes

Hula Hoops


Paper of all kinds**

Band Aids**


**Stars denote items we use a lot of!